About the Ethiopia Water and Energy Week

Ethiopia is one of the rapidly growing countries in Africa for the last ten years. It has a population of about 100 Million, surface area of 1.1 Million KM2 and endowed with considerable amount of natural resources. Ethiopia’s future plans for socio-economic growth call for expansion in renewable energy, irrigation based agriculture, manufacturing, hydropower and municipal water supply – all of which depend on reliably available water. Government, the private sector, development partners and civil society all have important roles to play in the development of effective water and energy security polices and in raising critical investments to realize the policy objectives. The Ethiopian government’s vision furthermore, emphasizes to become a middle-income country through green and inclusive growth. Development and Management of water resources in this regard is an important green-intervention and is given top priority during development planning, to ensure that Ethiopia’s rising economic tide lifts all boats.

The Ethiopia|n Water and Energy Week (EWEW) is a public event that will bring together government officials, senior experts and scientists, technocrats, private investors and entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens from Ethiopia and abroad so that they can learn, understand and have good awareness on what has been taking place in the area of Water, Energy and Irrigation sectors of the country. The water and energy week will certainly offer a unique avenue for researchers, policymakers, practitioners and development partners from Ethiopia and abroad to debate and build knowledge on water, irrigation, and energy related to both structural and non-structural transformation in Ethiopia. The week will focus on tracking progress on performance, identifying gaps, challenges and emerging issues, as well as recommending timely corrective policy actions in these priority areas. By providing up-to-date information, undertaking comparative analyses and discussing success stories and lessons learned. In this regard, the water and energy week is anticipated to make a strategic contribution to Ethiopia’s sustainable transformation process.

The main goal of the event is, therefore, to raise awareness about the water sector potentials, development challenges and opportunities among the citizens and to create a national and international interaction platform for public-private and partner organizations.

The water and energy week event is expected to achieve the following results:

  • Create awareness on the contribution of Water and Energy sector for the country’s Growth and Transformation Plans (GTPs),
  • Enhance the integration of the sector development plan with global initiatives,
  • Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE), and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
  • Reinforce the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) and Networking,
  • Establish a platform that will bring together the policy and decision makers, top-tier investors, development partners, influential individuals, academia working in the water, irrigation and energy sectors.
  • Support nexus among research, policy and practice will be enhanced, science driven leadership and decision-making promoted and networking and knowledge sharing.

Engagements of the Week

The first Ethiopia|n Water and Energy Week is composed of four different actions– Symposium, Exhibition and Showcases, Studio communication and Events

  • Symposium
  • The symposium spans for three days of the week and consist of four plenary sessions, two parallel sessions, multiple side events and on coffee discussions. In general more than fifty different topics that relate to the thematic scope will be discussed and their major development, learning and research directions will forward to respective actors.

  • Exhibition and Showcases
  • The exhibition and showcases are a space where conveners can tell water and energy stories, challenges and opportunities, promote different approaches and share their perspectives, initiatives, tools and projects.

  • Studio communication
  • Studio communication uses press conferences, interviews, studio discussions and documentaries to convey the themes and massages of the week to broad audience. Experts, decision-makers and leaders are involved on a variety of water and Energy development-related issues.

  • Events
  • Events are sessions that aim to advance contributions of the participants for different emerging and new development initiatives of the country including 4billion seedling plantation and clean surroundings with our mindset.

Themes of the Week

  • Salient initiatives and strategies in water and energy sector development
  • Salient initiatives and strategies in water and energy sector development
  • Sustainable WRM in complex and problematic environment
  • Water supply and sanitation: Contemporary initiatives for investments and desired outcomes
  • Irrigation development in Ethiopia beyond food security : discussion on strategies, opportunities, initiatives, and financing
  • Energy system reform in Ethiopia: discussion on in progress developments and management interventions
  • reflections on the water-food-energy-climate nexus
  • Towards enhancing private sector engagement and public participation in the water and energy sector
  • Capitalizing on professional networking: untangling issues and forging effective associations

Event Location

Ethiopian Skylight Hotel| Addis Ababa | Ethiopia